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Butt Exercises

[message type=”simple”]We’re here to fight gravity! We’re going to Lift It, Round It, and Bounce a Quarter off It! Enough Said!

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While lying on your side raise your leg until your foot is about 12-18 inches off the floor.

Start moving your leg backwards and in a small circular motion.


Do this for the required amount of repetitions, than reverse directions and repeat.

Switch to other side and do the same thing.

While lying on your side with legs straight raise your leg up to a 45 degree angle





Lower to touch right leg, repeat for the required number of repetitions then switch legs and repeat.



Facing forward place your feet low against a wall and position yourself on a stability ball with your knees touching it as low as possible, holding a medicine ball just below your chin start as high as you can without lower back discomfort


Slowly lower your body until your lying completely across the ball, then return to starting position pausing at the top squeezing your glutes for a count of 10. (The 10 second hold makes this exercise butt priority with less stress on the lower back)


While lying face down lift your legs until your knees are off the floor.





Alternate crossing one foot over the other.

Tightens the butt. Tied for number one butt exercise.



While lying face down alternate lifting your legs while keeping them straight high enough for you to feel it in your glutes.

Lifts the butt. Tied for number one butt exercise.


Standing facing forward on your right leg, using both arms for support.







Keep your right leg straight while slowly lifting it backward to about a 45 degree angle; slowly lower your leg about 10 inches and repeat for the required number of repetitions. Do the same with your left leg.

This really burns the butt, so embrace the burn to tighten and lift it.












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